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Whole Cloth Quilts

What are Whole Cloth Quilts?  A whole cloth quilt is utilizing one fabric or possibly two; in creating one quilt top or coverlet for a bed. You can choose a whole cloth quilt design or have us design one to your liking.  Often the top and backing fabrics match or you may want to utilize a different backing to create a reversible quilt. Whole cloth quilts generally will have a mixture of quliting designs to add interest and texture since you do not have the visual interest in the variation of colors in fabric piecing.

An example might be: I'd like something that follows a Fleur De Lis design. There are many beautiful Fleur De Lis quilting patterns available and we can design your quilt top to meet your expected outcomes. If there is a portion of the design you would rather have be different - i.e. crosshatch sashing added, or various blocks created within the whole cloth design, we can do that. We have a lot of versatility in design using our Intelliquilter computer system.

Charges for a whole cloth quilt would include design charges, piecing charges (if more than one color is chosen and we piece the top for you) as well as the normal quilting charges.
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