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I don't know how to sew or don't have the time! You may be a customer who loves the look of quilts but does not know how to sew. We offer piecing services to sew a quilt top for you; then also quilt it and bind it. One-stop shopping for those who do not have the time or the interest but appreciate custom quilt design and finishing services.

You tell us the overall colors you want in the quilt, or perhaps we can shop together for fabric you love; then we'll give you some ideas for quilt piecing designs; and we'll create the quilt for you. Piecing designs begin at $15 an hour as it involves cutting the fabric, sewing together the blocks, squaring up the quilt, adding a border, or borders. For very difficult, time-consuming designs such as a double wedding ring design, the charges would start at $23 an hour and up depending on the number of different fabrics utilized in the quilt. Some easy piecing designs can be done very quickly - in less than a couple of hours dependent on the finished size. A double wedding ring king size quilt using 6-10 different fabrics with scalloped edges would be very time consuming to piece and thus has a higher charge.

If you are trying to achieve a "Custom" look in a room - this might be something to consider.
(Please note we do not offer overall applique designs for custom piecing at this time.)

If you are a husband looking for a special "present" for your wife - a custom pieced quilt might be just the thing for her. Or a double wedding ring quilt might be a terrific wedding present for a son or daughter. 

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