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What is the IntelliQuilter?

The IntelliQuilter (IQ) is a computer guidance system for longarm and midarm quilting machines. It is an after-market add-on that does not replace any existing parts of the quilting machine and does not void your quilting machine warranty. IQ consists of two motors that drive the machine head, and a tablet PC running the IQ software on a Linux platform. There are no additional cables, pulleys, wires, etc on the longarm table and therefore can be disconnected to do free motion quilting in about 3 seconds. It is, the most sophisticated and technologically advanced computer guidance system available for longarm quilters.

The IQ offers an interactive touch screen menu system to guide the operator through various screens, using descriptive button labels, titles and instructions. Almost every screen has a "?" button for help. When you touch this button, a help text will appear on the screen, explaining all the functions of the given screen, providing examples and hints how to use the functions. It is like having a user manual built in the system, which opens up automatically on the page that is relevant for the actual screen.
The IQ has all the functions and operating modes that help the user design and quilt high quality custom quilts. You can design the whole quilt before making a stitch, then start quilting all or parts of it, or save the whole quilt for later use. You can even record your own quilting patterns and save them for use on future quilts.
You can use blocks, pantographs, and border patterns to design your quilt. The system allows you to input the actual seam lines of the blocks, borders and SID seams by moving the needle along the lines and touching a button at the relevant points and corners.
Learn more about how the IQ works by visiting:

Purchasing the IQ

Once you’ve decided to purchase the IQ, send us an email or call to place your order;, 817-991-9910

It usually takes 3-4 weeks to get an IQ installed on your machine. Installation and training usually can be completed in 6-8 hours.

We travel to your studio or home to install IntelliQuilter on your machine. We cover Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and New Mexico.

The base price of IntelliQuilter is $12,500.00. There may be an additional kit fee depending upon which quilting machine you own. This price covers installation, training and support. It does not include our travel expense - that will vary according to how far we have to travel.
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