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Binding is what finishes the edge of your quilt.  The binding material is either a matching or contrasting fabric that completes the quilt and reinforces the edges. Most quilters will choose a fabric already represented in the quilt top or to match the backing fabric chosen. Solid colors also will work well as long as they blend with the overall quilt top colors. We strongly suggest you utilize 100% cotton fabric for your binding as the cotton makes a beautiful binding, is easy to hand stitch/turn to the back of the quilt and will lay relatively flat when finished. We do not recommend heavier fabric like felt, heavy fleece or minky fabrics as these are more difficult to work with and create a bulky binding because of the thickness of the fabric.

How much fabric do I need for binding? You will need to measure the outside perimeter of your finished quilt and add those measurements together. Example  - quilt size is 42 x 53 (approximate crib size). Add all 4 sides together: 42+42+53+53 = 190 inches. Divide this measurement by 42" (width of fabric) = 4.52 strips.  You would realistically cut 5 width of fabric strips 2.5" wide.  These strips are then sewn/mitered together, then sewn onto the quilt on the top side AFTER the quilting has been completed, then fold the double strip to the back side and either hand sew it down, or you can choose to machine sew it yourself. 
It is critical when purchasing fabric to decide what color you want the binding to be and purchase the fabric at that time because sometimes the shops may not have the same fabric by the time you complete your quilt top.

We can also create bias binding for you if you prefer.

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